Encounters of the Dogman Kind

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It was midnight October 2019. Ryan Tremblay was outside doing a routine check on his friends home. He heard rustling around the property. Wanting to get a better look, he ventured forth, but then Ryan was frozen in fear. Exactly fifteen feet away stood a large bipedal monster growling back at him. The encounter lasted five minutes and Ryan was left unharmed. Ryan grew up believing in creatures such as the Sasquatch and Chupacabra, BUT never once did he consider the possibility of a bipedal canine that could move like a man. The encounter has shaped Ryan’s life, he has since started a show called “Monster Radio” and has devoted his time to understanding the creature that terrified him. November 1983. Bonnie and her cousin became lost in the woods. Scared and cold, they were unable to find their way back. Just then out of nowhere a strange creature appeared, as if it emerged from another dimension. The creature stood like a man, but looked as if it leaped off the pages of a horror novel. Bonnie immediately associated the monster as a “WEREWOLF” a creature said to be of myth and legend. The Dogman beast has continued to stalk the family farm for decades. Bonnie grew up along the bible belt of Alabama. She is now left with questions that not many Christians can or are willing to answer. Are my guests dealing with a creature of flesh and blood, or a hybrid race of beings from demonic origins?

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