Lizard Man & The Draconian Agenda

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Unlike other bipedal creatures associated with Cryptozoology, the Lizard Man seem to be far more recognized as an ancient Alien. While most Ufologists would consider them to be from the stars, some cryptozoologists have theorized them to be dinosaurs evolving into humanoids. The Ropen Network has a theory of our own to boot. These monsters may very well be ancient, but it was in the 1980’s when the phenomena really began to take shape. Some eyewitnesses stated they woke to find these monstrosities staring back at them while they slept, others were viciously attacked while changing a car tire along swampy roads. Are these Monsters physical, or metaphysical?? For the first time on this Network, our own lead investigator (Jacob S. Guerra) has his own eyewitness testimony to share with all of us. If you have had an encounter that you can not explain, or a story to share. Call: 503-851-4130 Email: ROPENTRACKER@GMAIL.COM SEEK THE TRUTH

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